Hello! Its been awhile...


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I'm back after a long break, I haven't been on for many months now and I just wanted to update yall on how my little group of animals is doing! We've had a few new additions... I've just been SUPER busy at home, not much time to check in with everyone. Okay, so this is my list so far
-Veiled Chameleon
-2 Leopard Geckos
-2 Dogs
-2 Fish
-Teddy Bear Hamster
-Guinea pig
-2 Birds
-And my newest addition, a little ball python!
I'm so excited, and also glad to see I've had Our Cham, Oswin, for. 2 years now! Oh,:) how time flies...
How is everyone? :)


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wow, 2 years?? that's great!! me and my cham are doing just fine, I have a soft spot for veileds eventhough they can have a bit of an attitude, give little Oswin an extra treat for me:)(y)


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