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Hello all a little bit about myself and my chams. I live in the north of England with my two grown up children 2Oriental cats and a Lhasa apso dog, I currently have 1 Yemen Chameleon, 2 Furcifer Lateralis Major, 1 baby sambava Panther, 20 odd pygmy chams bred by myself, a bearded dragon, some geckos, snakes ,frogs and arriving tomorrow a Nosey be baby, this looks a great forum i hope to learn a lot. Here are a few pics of my Chams.
Love karen




Pygmy hatching

Thats all for now hope you like them.
Love Karen
Hello Karen, welcome to the chameleon forums :) :)

It sounds like you have a full house. Great photos, thanks for sharing.
Welcome Karren. You have some fine looking specimens there. I guess the chameleon bug has already bite you.
Thankyou for the welcome, yes Jordan i am well and truly bitten:) I have a nosey be arriving today and am very excited, I also have arriving at the end of the year a CB mellors bred by a very good friend and a Picasso panther so looks like i will be moving into the garage:D
Wow...now THAT's an animal lover! And absolutely amazing pictures! Hope you'll share some more pics with us in the future!
Hi Karen,

It was hard for me to find a reptile shop 10 years ago while I was study in UK at south Walse. Still, I'll visit garden centre every Sunday to look for special pets:p .
Oh BTW, a very nice carpet you've got there.
Thanks guys, the carpets are very colourfull when receptive, and they are one of my favorite chams so outgoing and in your face, they are out and up my arm as soon as i go into the viv:)
Love Karen
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