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hello boys and girls...my name is luca and I live to Rome, Italy. I have calyptratus, pardalis nosy be, quadricornis and melleri. I have also geckos... uroplatus sikorae and henkely, a.felinus, r.ciliatus and aurycolatus, tokay... bye luca
Hey Luca,
Good to see a keeper from Italy! When I was over there a few years back visiting my family I was trying to ask them about chameleons and if they had pet shops and such; but with there bad English and my bad Italian we gave up talking about that and went on a hike instead. :rolleyes: I hope to go back soon, Italy was such an amazing place; I also went on a tour trip with my grandma and aunt while I was there. Here are some photos of that: http://new.photos.yahoo.com/wazio88/album/576460762339084216. And now that I think about it, one of my cousins from Rome is named Luca, have any family it Las Vegas? :p
hi guys

very beautiful your photos. do you like the Italian bathrooms:p ? I do not have relatives to las vegas:( .

do you know ziva exotica? it is interesting?

I took pictures of everything... Tho the one bathroom I did not take a pic of was the hole in the ground in a very nice dining establishment. LoL...
Hi, I do know "ziva exotica". I am in there every time I can. It´s really too crowded, but lot of nice animals, flowers, food, technique and much more. Sometimes you can find there interesting species of chameleons and sometimes only calyptratus and if you´re lucky a little more. Depends on other actions in middle Europe, specially in Germany. If it´s in the same time, experienced breeders go there.
I can´t compare to any other reptile show becasue I wasn´t abroad yet.
See ya ;)
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