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Aloha everyone. I am a first time owner of 2 lovely jacksons, Cammie (my girl) and Leno, (my GF's little baby boy). I have dreamed of owning my own chameleon(s) for as long as i can remember and finally got around to it. Im learning more and more everyday, primarily from these forums as my book was pretty general.

Beiing a first time owner, im nervous im doing things wrong and hope that i am not harming my new pets in any way. So far the health of Cammie has remained consistant, and she has allready shed twice! She eats silkworms out of my hand and the feeder cup of crikets barely makes it into the cage and shes allready firing at em!! I am concerned she is not drinking enough, however i am unable to monitor her when im at work, so i just trust the drip system i have in place is working well.

The little baby boy Leno seems a bit thin, he almost looked a bit sickly at the pet store, so we purchased him almost out of pitty to get him into a better home.I have observed him eating and drinking, and he just shed as well, so i know hes growing. He loves the lukewarm mistings he gets daily, and i just love the things to death.

I recently showed the pair to a photographer friend and he is excited to shoot them, so hopefully i will have some pics up sooner than later.

My main problem is im jealous of you all with your panther and vieled's!!!! Jacksons are neat, but they will always just be green. It is illegal to have anything but jacksons here, and the fine if you get cought is upwards of 200k :eek: . I cant even imagine how aweome it must be to look at those amazing color patterns you get to observe all the time.

Well nice meeting you all, hopefully i wont need to be postng at all in the health problem board!
Hi CammieNLeno,
Let me be the first to welcome you to the board. There are many knowledgeable people here of all cham species so feel free to ask questions, and as always we love to see pics.

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