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Hello all.. first time posting here on these forums! Been looking at getting a cham for quite
Some time now. Researching and researching... well I finally have one! Would like for you
Guys to check him out and tell me how my set up looks. Thanks


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Looks good to me do you have a mister Or do you hand mist?
I'm sure others will comment

Oh and we one to the forum:D
Welcome to chameleon ownership and of course to the forums!!! Your set up looks great. I would suggest to add some bendy vines for some additional walkways. Your chameleon is very handsome!!!
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Thanks for the replies :)
At the moment I have a pressurized Mister. I plan to upgrade to an automated mister
sometime soon.
I actually have a grapevine wreath I plan to soak and then add to his enclosure.
I was really surprised with him. I drove an hour and half to pick him up and another to drive
him to his new home. He did awesome! He seems to be adapting to his new home quite well.He's already eating! And doesn't seem stressed out at all.
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