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I am sorry I've been absent from the boards lately... I've missed you all! There has been some changes and some exciting news I have to share with you all, which will explain my absense.

I have actively been looking for property and I have just signed a contract to a new residence that has over 3 acres of land, a brand new 4 stall barn, a corral, a 9 person hot tub :D , alarm systems, and electrical wiring for the barn too. The seller, who is an electrician, is adding a 100 amp electrical system on the property in the location I plan to have my greenhouse built as part of the deal! I have oil heat and electrical heat with a backup 10,000 watt generator should I lose any power during the winter months here and it truly is the perfect property to give my breeders and chameleons a perfect home. The closing on the house is May 31st, so I will be very busy packing, moving, and getting my greenhouse built right away for my chameleons.

So once I get settled, I will be back more frequently to answer any questions or help anyone with their precious babes. You can always email me or call me if there is anything I can help you with in the meantime. I will try to peak my head in the forums occasionally as time permits and I hope everyone's chameleons are doing great!

I'll be back regularly very soon! And I'll let you know how the greenhouse progresses as it is being built too. I can't wait! I'm as excited for my chameleons as much as I am excited for myself too lol.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there! :)
That sounds great Jenna! I would love to have some land like that. Look forward to hearing more about it :)

And a nine person hot tub....wow! Not only can you relax, but you can swim laps when you feel the need :p
LOL... that is not a bad idea at all Eric! Us east coasters can have some fun being nerd chammie lovers at my place. I'll plan on it for sure when all is said and done :D . And if anyone is feeling a bit horsie, there is always the heated barn to sleep in :D :eek:
Blimey Jenna - you sound quite wealthy to me:eek:
Good luck to you, I can buy a similar property in England only if I win the lottery!!
I'm sure Jenna's doing well. But depending on where in the US you are, you'd be surprised at how much property you can get. Out in the boondocks of NC, you can get land at just a few thousand an acre. It's in the middle of nowhere, sure, but land it is! I didn't realize there was even that much property LEFT in England...hehe.
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