Hellllp!!! i think hes dying!


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ive had zazzoo a veiled chameleon for 2 and a half years hes been absolute fine till just now... i was about to go to bed and he was hanging from his tail and 1 foot :confused: i tried to see if he was alive and there was only light movement at first, then he was reacting slightly, ive managed to get him on a log..

there is a dead wasp on top of the mesh viv.. im wondering if hes been stung?:eek:

please any help as there are no vets in my town plus its already 1am!!

Just make him comfortable. There really isn't anything that you can do for a chameleon. Try to get him to a vet in the morning.
Is it possible he is just sleeping?

If not, call the closest emergency vet (they are usually open 24/7) or see your normal vet first thing in the morning.
just let him rest, look for a sting spot in the morning and be sure to remove the stinger if there is one, the venom from a wasp is somewhat of a hemotoxin which will slow down his heart which is most likely why he is hanging there do to the low amount of blood and oxygen somewhat acting like being cold in the morning, I would not freak out he should recover back to normal as soon as it passes, maybe add some polysporn to the sting and offer lots of water which will help dilute the toxin and flush it out. stay calm

thank you for replying, ive tried to do my best i will sleep and check in the morning! that has really helped! i will stay calm and i will let you know tomorrow xx
heres the pic

best pic i could take.. i put him on the log xx


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I agree. He looks very dehydrated and possibly sick.

Is he able to hold himself up without touching the floor with his belly?

Please try and put some water by his mouth and see if he will drink. Try and drop water on the very tip of his nose and he will maybe lap it up.
yes he has been able to hold him self up fine.. its only been this evening, plus hes literally got himself back up again and walked up the log a bit more but gone back down.... i have tried the water on the tip of his nose... xx
The wasp was directly above where i first found him hanging so im quite sure thats what it was.... thankyou everyone for your help so far!
You might want to nix the waterfall. He may not see the water and get to it to drink properly. I have a mist king that goes off religiously every day and one of my males will not drink from the mist. He only drinks from a dripper.
Are you saying his cheeks sunk in in one day? Neglect of his problem/s has gone on for a while now. Take your chameleon to a vet...

What are the temps? Please fill out the form in the link posted on the first page.

I know you may have taken advice some have said is "Fine" like an exoterra is good and substrates are ok. The boards and breeders recommend a 2x2x4 screen cage for an adult but some how some way some keepers will support a glass cage that is less than suitable in size and ventilation. No debate we keep females with sand and some species with substrates but the horrible misconception is keeping loose substrates like bark or sphagnum moss to start off with and second we are confining a arboreal species that would normally not be hunting 3 feet off the ground. We subject them to this and they have no choice but to live in our care choices of what we have read is acceptable or just refusing to take advice and use our personal choice.

Id suggest changing what needs to be changed and take him to a vet before its to late. This guide is a good standard to follow. https://www.chameleonforums.com/care/chameleons/
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