Heat stress in Parsonii

From personal observation, signs of heat stress can occur at temps above 80f/27c. We had a warm day in southern California Sunday. And temps were in the low 80s by noon. My group seems to be most comfortable at temps around 72f/23c.

Pictured in photo is young male showing signs of overheating, with mouth open. Temperature reading at time of photo was 82f/28c. With use of auto misters I quickly dopped the enclosure temp down to 79f/27c, and male slowly cooled down, and mouth returned to closed position.
They will also seek cooler temps, by climbing down to lower position in enclosure. Male in photo is still perched high. And I have one large male who lays on top of wet moist soil to cool off on warm summer days.

note: It is winter time here, and a few of the trees that offer shade to this outdoor enclosure have loss their leaves til spring. Because of this I believe the extra sunlight received during the daytime hours is keeping temps higher than normal. February here is always hardest, for maintaining even temps. Next month it will be cold again.
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It was pretty hot this weekend. I noticed my cham's gaping so I had to mist more and I finally just turned their basking lamps off until the evening.
Interesting, my animals seem to be most comfortable in the higher 70's, around 75-78. When they are kept cooler around 72 they aren't as active.
I had a few days last summer where my apartment got into the low 90's and didn't notice any gaping. They did turn a very pale shade which was a little concerning, I had misters blasting 24-7. I have seen them gape when exposed to full summer sun however.


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My male Parsons prefers temperatures around 75-78F as well. However when the temperatures reach over 80F mine shows heat stress and descend to the lower part of the greenhouse and sit under a mister that is in front of the greenhouses swamp cooler.

I'm putting in a temperature reader that constantly relays the temperature to the main house (possibly to the family Olive Oil Company as well) just in case if there is a hot morning or malfunction with the greenhouse thermostat I'll be warned ASAP.
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