Heat bulb temp constantly changing.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Erick_AmourBadr, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Erick_AmourBadr

    Erick_AmourBadr New Member

    IMG_2876.JPG IMG_2876.JPG IMG_2874.JPG My chameleon's heat bulb keeps changing from 85-80 each day i turn it on. Should I move up my little guy's branch or move the fixture itself?
  2. Carlton

    Carlton Chameleon Enthusiast

    Did you mean that the temp goes up and down multiple times during the day or that it rises from 80 to 85 as the day goes on? It probably doesn't make much difference in the long run. The temperature in a basking spot in the wild isn't exactly stable either. As long as the maximum temp isn't too hot (enough to burn) and your cham can move in or out of the heat when it needs to, that is probably more important.
  3. Graves923

    Graves923 Avid Member

    My suggestion would be to get rid of that zoo-med thermometer. they are wildly inaccurate. Id invest in a laser temp reader from your local hardware store.
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  4. rkudulis1957

    rkudulis1957 New Member

    my temp is to low where I've got my chameleon because I moved him to a larger cage and into the sunroom from my bedroom but we are
    going to move him back to the bedroom sunday because it is warmer in there, he is not eating anymore he is just not himself.i think I waited to long to move him to the larger cage,i am getting another one in about 1 month from chameleon paridise where I got him he is about 1.5 years old
    I took him to the vet 1 week ago and he had some shedding in his eye so we got some eye drops and he got ok but know I can't get
    my temp up no higher than 78 that is way to low.
  5. Erick_AmourBadr

    Erick_AmourBadr New Member

    That's the same thing that happened to me! You just have to increase the wattage of the bulbs so go to the pet store and compare.
  6. Alex001

    Alex001 New Member

    I use both and I have never had an accuracy problem with the zoo med digital thermometers unless they are not set up properly. I have had problems with pretty much every analog unit on the market. I do use the laser temp reader once a week to make sure that everything is good.
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  7. Alex001

    Alex001 New Member

    The first thing I'm going to address is that misting will momentarily drop the temperature inside the enclosure. I also think I should mention that your thermometer is not properly set up. The probe is directly under the fixture it should be unde the outer side of the fixture but also on the side of the heat bulb. The direct light will show noticeably higher readings on the thermometer.
  8. rkudulis1957

    rkudulis1957 New Member

    I went and ordered another 10 long light and moved him back in my room and he is at the top of the cage now where I guess it is warmer
    he seems to like it much better now my temp is running 79 and my basking is running 99 so i'm happy with that so far and I do not have his cage wraped with any thing. get you another thermometerand I have a lot of flowers in my cage and I just got a flower light so he has a lot of light.

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