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Hello everyone, I wish you are having a pleasant evening while you are reading this. I have but one question; I caught my 3.5 month old Nosy Be sleeping while the day was still bright (but it was already 7 pm) would this count as falling asleep during the day? I've had a chameleon In the past and know that sleep during day hours is no good, I just want some opinions, but besides that I've raised her since she was a baby, I give her calcium, vitamins and I clean her cage regularly, I also have the Mist King set up for when I'm not there, with a dripper to account for drinking water when the mist isn't showering her habitat.
Let me know, thanks.
If it was 7 Pm, its not a big deal.

Chams sometimes go to sleep an hour or so before lights out or sun down.
I will sometimes notice my cham finding a spot to snooze before bedtime (right before). I found that he would only do it if he had view of the outdoors. When the sun was going down, he would settle down to sleep. That change in light indicated him to find a place to settle down it seems, even when his lights, on a timer, were still on for another 10 minutes.

Being a concerned mom, I came to the forums to ask about it. I was basically told not to worry, that my husbandry was correct, and that he's just doing what chameleons do naturally.

If you haven't filled the "How to ask for help" form out on this site before, maybe it would give you a more restful sleep if your husbandry were checked over. I know it did, for me.
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