Head Rubbing?

The Wild One

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My 4 month old veiled cham Coda, has been rubbing her head on various branches, vines, and even the inside of her screen enclosure. Is she starting to shed, and can i do anything to help it? Thanks!


Chameleon Enthusiast
Probably going to shed soon, and no at this point theres nothing just let her do her thing. As long as everything with your husbandry is on point then she will have a smooth complete shed that shouldn't take more than a couple hours with no stuck shed. If there is shed stuck DO NOT touch it or pull it off. Let her do her thing. The only shed that should be messed with is if it forms a cuff around tail, leg, etc. And in that case take pictures and get advise from some of the more experienced keepers here.
In the mean time just enjoy watching her shed. I know Pesto is so funny when he is shedding. He acts like a dog.
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