Head or No Head that is the question?


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I just fed Leroy super worms for the first time and I am just wondering should a keep the head on the worms or take them off. The people at the pet store said that I should remove the heads prior to feeding. I have also read that you do not need to remove them. So Head or No Head?:confused:
nah, it is just a myth. All the petstores say it! Did they tell you it could eat through your chams stomach if you didn't remove it? highly unlikely!!!
they do bite although I have never been bitten myself. I suppose if the cham did not bite it enough to kill it it could bite your cham but I don't think I would go through all the trouble moving the heads. Just my opinion....
Removing the heads? uck. If you are putting it in the mouth instead if the cham eating it them it would be good. I let mine crawl up the screen and the chams get them from there. jmo
Gross :eek: I have never had any problem feeding my chameleon anything with their heads attached. I usually cup feed so she usually gets them from the back or I let them crawl up the screen. I also have never heard about cutting off their heads.
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