Having trouble maintaining Temps


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I was using a 65W standard household bulb but temps would fluctuate aroud 73-77 degrees. I switched it to a 75W temps would fluctuate from 76-79.

I have a Carpet and am trying to get around 80-83.

I recently switched to a 100W standard and now temps are fluctuating from 80-88. Temps drops for a little after misting. I'm wondering how everyone keeps their temps at the temp they desire? I use a digital reader but also have 3 analogs

He seems to be really enjoying the bump in temps. He is basking more often and isn't as dark as he use to be while basking.

The basking spot is about 7" from the light.
Mine drop after misting as well I always use temped water but I am sure to spray my wrist before spraying the enclosure. depends on what thermostat gauge you are using as well, mine are all dig’s including Hydrometer. It should not take long for the temp to raise back though.
Are you just talking about the basking temps?

You might try different bulbs. I'm sure there's considerable variance. I have a reptarium and they are known for blocking light, but I get 80-82 degrees at the basking spot with a 60 watt bulb.
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