Having a Hard Time Believing


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I look at my 3 month old Sambava male, Bravo, and find it hard to believe he will ever change in color or size as he gets older. Does anyone else have this problem envisioning what their baby cham may look like eventually?
I'm right there with you.. My male is right about 3 months and I just don't see it happening fast
They usually dont start colouring up until 4 months, but you will see more colour coming in after every shed. You should definetly take pics after each shed and then compare their colouration as time goes on :D
You have a Sambava and they take alot longer to color than the ambliobes or ambanjas, nosy be's etc. About 9-12 months and you should really start to see some colors mature. I learned that the yellows reds, oranges are not what they look like all the time unlike some of the other locales. They are beautiful in their own right but their resting colors are usually green with dark burgandy bars. They are not really that flashy until they fire up! I have a Sambava and mine has gorgeous sleeping colors. My avatar is his tail when sleeping but he rarely looks like that in the day time.
LOL My little Ambanja is killing me every day I ask him what direction is he going in, Red Bars? Blue Bars? is he going to be half and half like his sire?

It's like a Scooby Do mystery right here in my own house :D
Sambavas are worth it in my opinion....and dont worry , just take pics og him everyfew weeks if not every few days, they will change right before your eyes....and sambavas KickA$$ in the panther locales...something about them that makes me stare in amazement...:cool:
Ha, one of mine stayed small for almost 5 months too long! He is still the size of a 10 ish month old and he's actually 1.5 years! I have a very petite little guy. One of his ladies is almost the same size as him!
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