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Hi everyone!

I have a question...

How do you supplement your feeders for your hatchlings?

Do you dust them or you just gutload them?

O, well, we are willing to help!
Sorry Matt! I was Incredibly busy!
I'm talking about panther hatchlings.
I'm just getting prepared so when my babies hatch everything will be under control.
My question is that is it enough for the fruit flies to be gutload with the fruit fly media or do I have to give them or dust them something else?

Thanks! :)
Fruit flies don't eat much when they are in the fly phase. They will pretty much drink and eat yeast. If you fruitful medium is exceptionally nutritional the flies will still get a little bit of nutrition that way but not much! Some of the nutrients taken in during the worm phase will still be available to the chameleon but not much! The fly maggots (worms) have a much higher nutritional value so I feed them to the babies too. So in short, always dust suplimentation on all feeders! Crickets are true gutloaders so they are a much better feeder to feed babies and yet, I still dust them with suplimentation.
Thanks a lot!

So... What do you feed your hatchlings with?

Just crickets and flruit flies (maggots and fly phase)?

In what amount each of them?

I want them to have the best nutrition possible!
Pinhead cricket fruit fly in first stage...then between 2-3 month add new born dubia roaches(soft body shell) as much as they can eat and variety is the key !
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