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I have a hatchling that is six days old. It is drinking water but not eating. It sleeps a lot and will roam around every few hours but it will not eat. It is very lethargic. I have tried fruit flies, pinhead crickets, tiny worms and nothing seems to attract it to eat. I have all of the habitat items suggested, has foliage, temp is between 78-85, has all the recommended lights and I mist it 3-4 times a day to keep it at least 70% humidity with some parts more and some less. I also have a humidifier constantly running in that area for my other lizards.

This is the only one of my clutch to hatch and they have been incubating since March 3, 2021. There are still 15-20 eggs that are plump and veined and look viable so I have just left them alone.

This picture with eggs was hatch day. The one on the stick was three days ago and the one on the ground is today.


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