Hasnt eaten in days and getting worried


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I have a male veiled chameleon for about 2 months now. his age is unknown. When I first got him he would eat like CRAZY! Now he hasnt eaten in 4 days. But, 4 days ago he had about 8 wax worms. But he still poops everyday so that means hes eating right? I do put crickets loose in his cage and I dont see them after a couple hours. But he would always let me hand feed but now he doesnt let me and gets scared. He also looks very skinny due to the fact he doesnt eat a lot. Any advice?
It is important to keep a good variety of feeders handy for him. They will often go on "hunger strikes" if they get bored of the same food every day! Also, has he shed recently? My veiled gets a little touchy around his shed time. If there is poop, then he is still eating the crickets probably. Have you tried any other feeders besides the two? Wax worms are also high in fat from what I have read.
yes I know there high in fat. I gave them to him because he looked skinny. I give him crickets, meal worms and wax worms. Im looking to order dubais too and get some other worms
Thats alot of waxworms for one day. He may need time digesting them. Also, I have noticed that my cham stops eating or slows down when she is about to shed and during shedding. Is he getting water? Not sure how long is too long with them not eating. Is your basking lamp or warm area the right temp for him?
If you are putting the crickets in the cage and they are disappearing then he is probably eating them unless they are hiding down in the plant pots..
Try silk worms.
My 2 veiled chams would do double-back flips for them :eek:

Also, bb flies are loved by all chams and are cheap:

check out Grubco.com.

Your veiled will not starve himself if he is healthy.

They do get bored, just like we do, and they also get 'spoiled' if you feed
them waxworms.
To a cham, a waxworm is the human equivalent to a slice of cheesecake!!
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