Hasn’t shed in a while.


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Beau hasn’t shed in about 3 months. Last time was October 17th. Seems strange to me given that he‘s not yet fully grown. He’s been looking a little dingy, like he might be in the process of going into a shed.. but I‘ve begun to wonder if he’s looking dried out due to the lower humidity at the top of his cage as of late. I’m getting a new digital timer with multiple programs for his basking light to go on and off throughout the day since it’s looking like he may need more than one mid-day mist. I’ve been struggling to keep humidity at the top above 33-35%.

The first picture of him was taken 2-3 days ago. The second was taken today. He’s about 9 months old at this point. Thoughts on this? Is it typical to not see a shed for several months at this age? **Editing this to add that I’ve noticed quite a bit of skin wrinkling on him, but his urates have been a creamy white color so I don’t suspect dehydration


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