Has anyone tried Virosan before?

I bought some roaches from www.proexotics.com and they gave me a sample bottle of virosan. I read on their website that It's really good for cleaning and slight wounds. I was just curious if anyone else has used it before, and what you think if it before I used it. Thanks for your inputs!!

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...and they gave me a sample bottle of virosan....I was just curious if anyone else has used it before, and what you think if it before I used it...

I'll start off by saying that the product they sell is good. The "funny" part is that I spoke with Pro Exotics at several shows about just what it is that they sell. They confirmed that they sell generic Chlorhexidine Gluconate (if what they sell is what is in the photograph on their site) and it is a good product. Chlorhexidine Gluconate is generic Virosan but it isn't Nolvasan as they imply on their website. Nolvasan is Chlorhexidine Diacetate which, from all the info that I found and the mfgrs that I spoke with, is a little different. If I understand correctly from my research on the products a couple of years ago, Nolvasan kills more microbial things than the Gluconate version. I actually own gallon jugs of both products. I recently bought the Nolvasan product to "hedge my bet" on trying to kill the most microbes. I can buy either generic Virosan (Chlorhexidine Gluconate) for about $14 a gallon or Nolvasan (Chlorhexidine Diacetate) for $40 a gallon. Bottom line: Buy which ever one you can get a hold of and use it as directed. One gallon of either product makes over 100 gallons of properly diluted solution :eek:. I'd really love to hear from someone who knows the absolute difference between the gluconate and the diacetate based products! Even the mfgrs couldn't clear it up for me other than one lists a few more microbes than the other...:mad:.
Has any one tried Virosan

We use the chlorehexadine all the time for cleaning our snake cages and chameleon cages. We paid around the same price. It lasts a long time because it is only one capful per gallon of water. I like it because it does not have a strong chemical smell. I have chlorhexadine written on the jug, my husband still calls it virosan
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