Hard Wart-Like Deposit On Panther


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Thanks for coming by to help, but i seem to have found myself in an unknown situation regarding my chameleon. We have a panther chameleon that has started to develop a wart like growth on his side that is firm to the touch. I am not quite sure what this could be as some have advised me that it is a "calcium deposit" or D3 build up.

But it has been some time since i have dusted any bugs with calcium or d3 for him which i doubt could be a deficiency bump.

If you guys do believe it is a calcium deposit or D3 build up, how do i go about treating him without jumping to the catch all "goto the vet" if possible.

I am working on getting a picture for you guys, asked the wife to email something over to me.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys.


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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Panther Chameleon - 2 Years in my care i believe.
Handling - 1-3 times a week
Feeding - Crickets as a primary, 5-10 per day and gut loading with whatever veggies i have in the fridge. Every Thursday i pick up a horned worm or two for him as well.
Supplements - Not sure on brand but i have D3 Multivitamin and Calcium dust that i haven't used regularly in some time, found he acted weird when i did.
Watering - Automatic misting but that just got clogged and need to fix, until then its hand misting and hand watering into a dripper. Yes, i see him drink.
Fecal Description - Not tested and assumed regular, not sure at the moment.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - He has a large mesh cage (23" x 23" x 47")
Lighting - Heat Lamp and UVB bulbs, 7am to 7pm.
Temperature - Basking is around 28° C
Humidity - Roughly around 30
Plants - Fake plants and vines used throughout the cage.
Placement - Upper floor of the house, warmer and not near a window.
Location - Canada, Calgary Alberta


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Without a pic it is hard to say what it is, but I can tell you it is not a calcium deposit! It could be a growth that is fungual or bacterial in nature. You still should be dusting with calcium and use a calcium without d3 atleast at every other feeding in an adult. The d3 one you can use a couple of times a month.


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Sorry about the delay in getting these photos, but here it is. It gives you a good understanding of what is going on along with a top view to see how far it sticks out from him.

What do you guys think? Please note that white center of the bump is from old skin as he just finished shedding yesterday.


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I do not know what that is, but I can tell you for sure it is not from calcium or a d3 build up. I would not screw around with it and have it cultured by a vet. He may require an oral or topical med and maybe both.


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Does anyone have the slightest idea as to whats going on or what is called? I can at least start researching the issue and then present it to the vet.


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Does anyone have the slightest idea as to whats going on or what is called? I can at least start researching the issue and then present it to the vet.

It could be numerous things... None of which any of us could accurately diagnose just by looking at a picture. Your only real option is to take your chameleon to a qualified veterinarian. Preferably ASAP if it suddenly appeared.


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The only thing I can tell you about that type of growth is that every chameleon I've seen with one like that has died.
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