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I stopped by a famous pet store on long island today (which shall remain nameless) and asked the owner that I was in his store specifically looking for a panther chameleon and he very sternly told me that it is almost impossible to effectivly keep/house any type of chameleon in ny because of the local weather patterns no matter what type of housing you use, whether its screen or glass. The only chameleon that can be raised effectivly, in his opinion are veiled chammies and that he could hook me up with some breeders that he deals with in several southern states. I was wondering if anyone here on this forum from the NY tri-state area has any experience or issues with trying to raise a panther or jacksons chammy because those are the two types that im most interested in, no offense to veiled, they just dont interest me.
I would post a link to his store but im afraid that some irrate owner or something might take offense to this thread and take the opportunity to contact them and express their opinion and the last thing i want is bad public relations started by me.


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From what I've read, panthers and veiled have quite similar needs. Go for the panther. Check the sponsors or the classifieds here for a breeder. You'll need to take special precautions both when it's too cold and when it's too hot, but you already do a lot of that for yourself anyway. I mean, it's not like you let your house get to 28 degrees when it snows.

Pet stores....a surprisingly poor source of information on some pets.....
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