Happy to see me!!


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Noogie is like a little puppy, when I come home he is at the door, wanting to be let out.
Sometimes, he is so happy, he runs up my arm.
Today he did that, he ran up my arm, but in his excitement, tripped and flipped on his own back legs!!
Luckily, my other hand was right under him and I caught him before he could hit the floor!!
He slowed down after that and looked at me like, 'you didn't see that'!! :D

Does anyone else have a spoiled puppy/cham? :)
um. not quite.

"outside time?"

Hahaha that's hilarious! ^

That's how Monty is most of the time unless I bribe him with food.

Sigh I wish I had a puppy cham
Nope, so far Nimh doesn't want anything to do with me. He hides behind branches when I put my hand in the cage to feed him. He never puffs up or anything so at least I have that going for me.

haha that meme pic up above is funny.

My Boy Clarence is like a big ole puppy. He doesnt mind being out at all. Never hisses or bites or gapes.. I got lucky with him.
Rango is exactly the same. When I open his cage he is straight on me, no messing. He climbs my head lol. Its diffivult to get him back in his cage.

Hes mostly happy and wraps his tale round my arm. So cute :)

He is deffinately spoiled.
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