Happy 'jams!

Discussion in 'General Photography' started by Angelwolf, Mar 13, 2018 at 2:55 PM.

  1. Angelwolf

    Angelwolf Chameleon Enthusiast

    Echo has been very happy since I increased the temperature in his cage and boosted the humidity.

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  2. Fiona's Mom

    Fiona's Mom Chameleon Enthusiast

    He is a handsome fella Michelle...now if it would just warm up so you can get your little girl. Any thoughts on a name yet?
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  3. Yeah very handsome and happy. He’s a looker .
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  4. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    Echo is looking mighty handsome in his jammies!
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  5. CamrynTheCham22

    CamrynTheCham22 Avid Member

    Wow! He is mighty cool-looking!
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  6. Daniel266jz

    Daniel266jz Established Member

    Is his eye sunken or is that just the shadows..?
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  7. Cow wants his eyes are really sunk in is he dehydrated?
  8. How much do u give him water
  9. CamrynTheCham22

    CamrynTheCham22 Avid Member

    I noticed that a bit too. Just wondering. Sometimes they can be stubborn with their water, as we all have probably experienced once or twice.
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  10. Also the back of his veil has a like lump which may be the start of MBD
  11. How much does he get water, d3, and do u use uvb if so how long have you had the bulb it could have not been effective anymore
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  12. Angelwolf

    Angelwolf Chameleon Enthusiast

    Not yet. It will come to me once I meet her.
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  13. Angelwolf

    Angelwolf Chameleon Enthusiast

    His eyes actually are sunk right now, but not for dehydration reasons. I'm working with my vet right now to figure out what's wrong with him. In fact, he is going to be seen today.
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  14. Angelwolf

    Angelwolf Chameleon Enthusiast

    It's not a lump. He has fat stores there, which is actually about the only thing keeping him going right now. He is being seen by my vet today. We've been working together on it for a couple weeks now.
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  15. Angelwolf

    Angelwolf Chameleon Enthusiast

    He drinks like a champ.
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  16. Ok good I hope your vet finds the reasoning for his eyes
  17. CamrynTheCham22

    CamrynTheCham22 Avid Member

    I mean there might not be a problem as long as he is drinking and does not seem to in distress. And if he can see.

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