Happy Holidays!

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I'd like to wish everyone here on the forums a very Happy Holiday and a fantastic New Year! I've met some great people here on the forum and some I have yet to meet. However, I'd like to say you are all great people and I have enjoyed my interactions with you all this past year!

I know I haven't been here much in the past few months to talk and help answer questions as much as I used to, as work has been very, very busy for me; but you are in my thoughts and anytime I can help, please let me know. I am an email away :) .

To you, all of your beautiful chameleons, and other reptilia.... HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :D


I don't know what religion you are but, i'm christian so merry christmas to you too:D

"I'm sick of people going insane that christmas isn't politically correct, you know what isn't right, not saying merry F@#%ing Christmas! Thats whats not right!"
Not sure who came up with this quote
Happy Festivus ... for the rest of us.

I just finished assembling some toys for tomorrow morning and thought I would stop in to wish everyone a merry christmas. And now for the feats of strength.
Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!!! My baby panther has started his first shed since i brought him home.....even he's eager to shed last years skin, and start off the new year with a fresh set of skins.....:cool:
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