Happy Birthday lbesok!

Happy Birthday! I miss you and wish I could see you on your birthday. Enjoy every minute of it.

Lizbeth is in school working on her grad degree in Speech Language Pathology and works part time at H&R Block so hasn't had allot of time lately to be on the forums but I'll make sure that she sees this.

Liz and her favorite cham Vega

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Happy Birthday Liz! It was nice talking to you in Daytona-hope to see you again this year! Have fun at school! :)
Ibesok I hope today is a every Happy Birthday!! We could always celebrate again at the auction in Daytona, i am sure we could find you a "little something" :):):):) All My Best to you, Laurie Sageser
Thanks everyone for your sweet birthday wishes. I am at a seminar today for school on stuttering, and came home for lunch to feed all the chams "birthday" butter worms :D
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