Happy 2nd. Hatch Day to Piper


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My sweet little iguana is two years old today. Piper is the sweetest baby ever. If I'd only know just how sweet and smart iguanas are I would have had one many years ago. He wants to love and give kisses all the time. He's so intelligent, it only took me four days to potty train him......much easier than a puppy. Piper was neutered two weeks ago and doing well. The last two photos are Piper in the hospital right after his neuter with the vet intern, Vivian, from Germany,

Happy Hatch Day my sweet boy!














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Happy hatch day! Iguana's are so neat!

Thank you for your kind words!

Man, he is GORGEOUS!

Thank you for your nice comment!

Happy belated Hatchday, Piper!
Jann, he is stunning. I never realized they could be so beautiful!


Thank you Deb for the hatch day wishes and comments about Piper. Not only is he beautiful, he’s extremely smart and very sweet!

Great looking guy you have there! I used to want one so much but space was an issue. Now chameleons have used up all my spare room. I will have to enjoy iguanas thru you.
What is the advantage of neutering him?

Thank you Jillian! Iguanas are awesome. If you ever have the space, get one. We have allot of iguanas in our yard and Piper can see them from the window and from his sunning area on my front screened porch. My vets were worried that he could possibly become aggressive during mating season seeing all the Iguanas around and thought it best to neuter him just to be on the safe side. It also prevents other heath issues such as prolapse.
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