Hank (Nosy Be baby) Six Weeks Old 4-1-19


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He's adorable!
Thank you!

So precious there..I love how he stand on his two back feet..he is begging you to come see him asap.
Thank you!
Very nice!
Thank you Matt!
Love it! Cute lil bugger.
Thank you Kris!

Awwww I want a love button instead of a like. Absolutely precious he is!
Thank you Becca!

I still say boy! And in my experience the boys with red dots like this all over te bottom half of their body ends up super blue!
Thank you Matt! I believe Hank is a boy. Everybody says so! It could be red rain too. ❤

Its a good looking male..base on the thick tail base n the bulge right before the base(on the second , fouth and 7th pics)...so I agree with @Matt Vanilla Gorilla !!!
Thank you!


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Pic #5 a Dr. Evil, Austin Powers thing going on?
He demands 1 million crickets or the earth is doomed!
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