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I have a male jackson's...how often can I handle it without truly jeopordizing his health? He is beautiful and thus far has enjoyed misting and eats mealworms and crickets from my hand. I have had him for a few weeks and have not handled him other than transporting him to his enclosure and for a cage cleaning. Thanks in advance for your responses...
Well I feel they are more to look at than to handle but......
If he climbs onto you hand on his own and don't do it too often then he is probably not getting stressed. If you see dark colors then he is stressed. Stress compromises their immune system.
I guess there is not really a right answer to that question. All chameleons have different personallities and different levels of tolerance. I will just say what I do currently.

The female I have hates being touched. Since she has become full grown I have handled her twice. Once after she layed eggs to put her in the shower. Once while she was asleep to move her cage around a little. Any more then that would be bad for the both of us. I have seen her rip the bark completely off a stick in a temper tantrum. She is however very friendly when I clean her cage or have to do something in the cage. She usually just watches me.

The little male that I have I handle once a day. I hand feed him at least one food item a day. He comes out on to my hand and just chills out for a minute or two. When ever he seems like he is over it I let him go back in his cage. He is very friendly and I do not think I will push it much more then that.

The level at which they start stressing is probably when you need to put them back in there cage. This does not take long with most chameleons. Coloration changes, posture or frantically trying to escape from your hand. You are also a an animal that is 98 degrees at all time which some could find not so appealing for an extended period of time.
The amount you are currently holding you cham is the amount I hold mine. I take him out maybe once a week for visual inspection and cage maintanence. Other than that he is his happy self in the cage.

I almost never touch mine. Hes a bit of an angry jumper that will kill himself to get away from you. But hes totaly cool with my hands in the cage 3" from his face. Just dont touch him.
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