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So it's been about a week and a half since Feeny came home. I hadn't really tried to handle him at all. I was hand feeding him some worms and he put his two front feet on my fingers while he was eating, and then to my surprise he climbed right on to my hand and hung out for a while! After a minute or two I pulled my hand out of the cage and he started crawling all over me.

It took a while to get him off me and on to a plant, but when we did I put him in the shower for a few minutes. He was a happy boy, and I'm a happy too for being able to handle him so fast!! Considering how crappy his living conditions were before, I am very surprised!

Congrats! That is a great sign that he is already coming out on your hand. I love curious chameleons :D My Malcolm is the same way

He is very handsome by the way :)
That's great! patience pays off :)
now that he has no fear of you, he will use you as a tree, a bridge, a body
warmer, or just to catch a nice free ride :D
Soon he my reach his little arms out for you when you walk by, some of my guyz do that.

None of my 6 chams have much problem climbing around on me and eating out of my hand.
But none of them like to be collected to go back home after being on the free range. :rolleyes:
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