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Hey everyone,
I was wondering how everyone gets their chameleon out of their cage. I have an aggressive 3 month old male veiled, proper lighting , screen cage (ReptiBreeze 36"x18"x18") regular feeding, and he is very healthy.
When I put my hand in for him to crawl on me he hisses.
To handle him I wear a striped robe which he seems to like... He wont put up much of a fight to be handled, but i have to kind of surround his feet while he's on a branch for him to come out with me.
I only feed him outside of his cage so he understands my hand is good.
Any suggestions to stop with the surrounding him? I feel like it probably stresses him out.
How do you guys take out your chameleons?
I watched this video on you tube on proper handling it helped me out a lot and every time I need to take her out I've done this with no problems. I don't know how to post the link but go to YouTube and type in Handleing_part1(2).mov. It's a video from screameleons.
He's new to you and his home, he needs time to feel comfortable. This is very common so do not feel bad. Just do not try to force him into socializing, that never goes over well especially with veileds. Where is his cage located? That can have everything to do with his attitude
Make handling a treat. Every time I handled an aggressive cham, I would take a walk outside into the sunshine. Do this for about a week or two and watch as an angry chameleon turns into a tolerant angry chameleon. Thats about as good as it gets. They come around in time, but they need to identify this:


Keep at it man.
Cage location

His cage is located in my living room, not much action or movement goes on in there. I live in the city, but on a quiet street so I don't see that as a bad thing for him.
My 5 month Veiled is very stubborn which I have excepted :eek: Although I can pick him up every once in a while, I'll try to handle him only once a week if I succeed on picking him up I'm happy with that. If I dont succeed I simple back off from him and try the next day and if that dont work I wait a week to try again. I do this only once a week so I dont stess him out too much. I've read that Veileds are the most stubborn chams out there but some people get lucky.... lucky them ;). My Veiled is coming around though, I was successful 2 weeks in a row until this week wich I'm ok with. This method is some what working with me so hope it helps and might work for you. Good luck :)

I also use that technique on that video of picking up chams.
I've herd veiled Chams can be difficult, but like previously said use a reward system. When I handle him. Every Cham is different, give him what he wants when handling. Outside time, hornworm, superworm, etc.. Try to never grab him from above either, go from underneath, predators of Chams come from above. Hope that helps, good luck.
Do this for about a week or two and watch as an angry chameleon turns into a tolerant angry chameleon. Thats about as good as it gets.

lol aint that the truth.. mine still run from my hand not like break out terror just move to higher ground so when i HAVE to get them out, ill use one hand to go under them and of course they move away from it and they end up walking towards me so my "active" hand in the cage doesnt touch them and my other arm is in a position so that they walk right up my arm that is basically just there not doing anything. they never fire up or get all puffed up on me so i dont think its stressing them out..theyre used to me being in the cages..spraying spot cleaning hand feeding etc...and they dont move but they still dont like my hand moving towards them" but once out theyre pretty chill
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