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:confused: I just bought my cham from screameleons. Love the hobby so far. I keep hearing that cham don't like to be held, yet half of the pic I see are chams being held. Then I go to a reptile show and the www.amazingbluereptiles.com's both with three chameleons high above people, each one 2 to 3 feet away from eachother doing fine and being fed throughout the hours of the show. Then I go tochameleonsonly.com's both and the first thing they do is give and my wife baby chams for us to hold.
I realize that this is not a pet I will go jogging with, but I would like to be able to handle him once in a while and maybe show him off when I have guests. I would also like to have some stands in my home where I can take them out and place them so I could admire them. IS THIS POSSIBLE?

At this time my chameleons is VERY shy and I am doing my best to limit my interactions with him to spraying the cage and feedings.........Any advise for a rookie.

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There are a lot of mixed views on handling, i personally handle mine because she will tolerate it.

She was very shy to start with though, i began by hand feeding her yummy bugs - like waxworms.

She doesn't attack me or hiss at me when i put my hand in for her to walk on but she does attack my partner lol - don't think she likes men!

You will find a lot of good advise and info on here though :D
As long as it doesn't start an argument, I am going to step forward and say, No chameleons, what so ever, LIKES being held. There are those that won't tolerate it. Those that will tolerate it. Those that will allow you to hold them if they can use your hand to reach somewhere, etc. But if a chameleon comes to you, never assume it likes being held, it simply wants something and you are facilitating the fulfillment of this want of theirs.

The difference in quality of lifestyle of a chameleon is, Toleration vs. Potential to Thrive. A chameleon who must constantly tolerate things, is not a chameleon who is thriving.

This is something I wrote in another thread concerning handling. In addition to it, Gain their confidence and trust, handle them when needed, for weekly checkups, and for very minor interactions few and far between. Learn their language, understand their wants, when they are feeling uncomfortable, uncertain, and when they want to be 'put down'.
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