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I always feel horrible when I need to get my cham out or when i want her to go outside. My vet told me that i need to get her outside as much as possible because it is better for her. So I want to get her out but she never wants to get on the piece of bamboo I use to get her with.

I always get nervous about taking her out and feel bad.
Any advice on how to get her out in an easier way?
My cham doesn't like when I put bamboo or anything infront of him, he feels threatened. So I went out and bought a bird ladder for him to bask on and attached to a piece of bamboo going across my cage. Then when he was on the shady end of the ladder I would remove it from the cage and bring him to his free range. I only had to do that once for him to get the idea that I was taking him to a free ranging area and he's been great to handle ever since.

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I just leave my cage open and have a stick going down towards my couch. If my cham wants to come out he does, he does NOT like to be taken out of his cage by force, and I only feed him outside of his cage and if he is god he gets treats to know that he is showing good behavior, like training a dog.
If you cham lets you, take it outside but don't feel bad about it!
Think of it like bonding time for your cham to trust you more!


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When I had to take my cham to the vet, it was kind of a struggle, because he isn't tame yet. What I did was leave to door open (I did it on accident before and he came right out!), then after he was out of his "territory" it was much easier to slide a stick under him. After that he was just crawling all over me. Took a few minutes for him to be on my hand long enough to get him in the box :D
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