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Hello all,

Our Jackson unexpectedly gave birth a couple of days ago. Unfortunately only one of the babies survived the birth. Now I have NO idea how to care for a baby chameleon.
We separated it and placed it in a small container, similar to a small cricket holder. We are misting it with water several times a day and have got flightless fruit flies for it to eat. I am trying to keep it at a rough temperature of 75 degrees. I doesn't seem to be eating at all and doesn't move around too much.
I would appreciate any help, tips or suggestions that will help this little guy survive.



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My Jackson's had babies unexpectedly too. You can get a plastic bin, like from Walmart to put the baby in, you can use a hot glue gun to glue some perches together, and get some fake foliage or even a small Umbrella tree. Your baby will need a UVB light, misting several times a day/cool air humidifier. Your ambient temps are good.

I have my babies in a glass Exo Terra right now. If you can get a hold of one of them, they are great for the young ones.
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