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I never thought i would be able to hold my veiled Cham.He is not to happy wen u have your mitts in his cage ..so I got him onto a branch and pulled him out.,once he was out he turned back to normal markings and color he was nervous tho . So I put my hand under his chin and after a few min he climbed on .no hissing ,puffing up or trying to take off .i am so pumped for this.,he is a different guy out of his territory..so i made a makeshift free range with a grape vine and some small pieces he could hang out on ...as soon as he noticed I put a vine leading into his cage. He made a bline for safety ..I guess he is still young 5 months..so still skid dish ..will this change wen he gets older and more confident..I also tryed to hand feed at this time. And he freaks out.hissing mock charging. No crix he'll climb rite on my hand no, SO RAD that he's on my hand .,


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I got a panther she hates even being looked at but they are display reptiles so minimal handling is recommended he looks great when he gets older my be a little
more friendly
Please refrain from making him a "display" animal. I've handled my boys since they were young and they will come straight to me when I open the door. There is nothing wrong with having them out hanging around with you and long as you properly handle them and know how to get them from their enclosures.
I can't tell but does your enclosure only have top acess ?
Because not only will putting your hand INTO their enclosure make them mad but doing it from above them can really stress them out and make them aggressive.

I also have some questions-

Where did you buy him?

What is the make and model of that enclosure?

Why did you chose bark/ have you read up on impaction?

Are those all fake plants?

Olivia your looking at my crested gecko tank in the back ground .. And no I have real and fake in everybody's cages the chams have ficus plants and crested has some tropical plant forget name does well no light ..I got a male and female from LLL REPTILE...in fact I just ordered Ali a new ficus from them ..
You should see my girl NAHLA she is so tiny.


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Congratulations on the no-hissing factor! :)
I'm trying to get my guy to get a bit used to me as well. I haven't used a branch to get him out, although I've lured him to come out on his own with meal worms.

I hope he continues to become more comfortable and happy around you!
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