Habitat and Feeding question


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Here's a set up idea for a chameleon habitat...will this work?

What hes wanting to do is get a tree and set it up in his room, hang the lights over the tree, point humidifiers at it, and then put some kind of slick surface around the base to catch water and keep the cham from getting off the tree. He plans to mist around three times a day as well...and feed by hand..would that work?

Also, I have a question..is it possible to over feed a young chameleon ...? or even an older one? I really think that mine would just eat and eat and eat as long as I fed her..
Well you still run the risk that they might decide to leave the tree and explore the room. If you have other animals such as cats in the house this is dangerous. Better to put them inside a cage when you cant be watching them.
What i do is i have a 8' fake ficus tree in my room along with my 2X2X4 cage set up. When i'm home i'll pull him out of the cage and let him stay in the tree. I have a Big 10" heat Dome and mist the tree on a regular basis. When i leave the house for an extended period of time (school/Work) , i put him back in the cage. But usually when i'm at home for the day, I'll take him out and put him in the tree. I'll leave him there overnight some times and just put him back in his cage for hydration purposes. This also proves very easy to clean cages.

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