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Can anyone give me info on "gutloading"? I have a sub adult veild chameleon and want to make sure im doing everything right.
Sandrachameleon has excellent info on gutloading, you can read her blog about various gutloading topics here. The link in my signature has great nutritional info on commonly available fruits and veggies you can use. Aim for those higher in calcium than phosphorus and avoid goitrogens and oxalates as those can inhibit calcium absorption.
lol irony esp considering the phrase "everything right" lol.

Sorry I'm not making fun I'm only picking but I would like to know the answer to that as well. Why is your chameleon on the floor of a glass aquarium?!?!
I noticed that earlier and he/she is on carpet as well. They can get thier tongues stuck to the carpet when going after a cricket. It's best not to have any substrate in the bottom. Can you show pics of your set and cham just so the experts can make sure everything is ok? I know they were alot of help to me and I thought I had everything right too lol.
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