hi everyone =)
now that my enclosure is almost done
and chams are about to come in, in about 1 month or so.
I will be ordering crickets, roaches and superworms.
I will start breeding all of them xD
Im about to go shop all the rubbermaid, and stuff for them.
And the best thing is that I talked to the manager of a nearby supermarket, and he will be giving me all the fruit and veggies left overs for free.
So, im gonna be using all those fruits and veggies to feed and gutload crickets and roaches.
My question is....
can roaches and crickets be fed the same fruits and veggies?
also... wich are the top best gutloading foods?
and what kind of vitamins, or calcium should I provide them with? (brand and everything)
Thanks a lot once more!


I forgot to ask..
can roaches and crickets be fed with the same food?
or, do they each need special feeding?
Also what brand calcium and vitamins would you recommend to me?
The thing is that Im not so good at english and Im having hard time reading all info and trying to get it :S


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i haven't seen anything in the forum about it, unless i've just missed there any value to using baby food as a gutload? just reading the list made me think of it.... i've primarily used some of the green and fresh fruits because of the water content for the crickets too....but would there be too many preservatives or anything? even if it was "organic"?


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Baby food is wet...that's about all the objection I could raise. You may be onto a short cut here. While I wouldn't advocate putting something so wet in the main cricket enclosure, baby food might well be a good food for the 24 hour "eat well before you are eaten" time.


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depends on the brand of baby food. Most arent going to serve the needs of your chameleons (they're formulated for human children) and are more expensive than just providing fresh fruit and vegetables.

Yes you can feed roaches and crickets the same gutloads.
Some people will provide small amounts of dog food periodically to breeding roaches (but I dont necessarily recommend this) though not in the days before feeding off to the chameleons.


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I use baby food from time to time by putting a little in a bottle cap so they can't drown in it. I use the vegetable blend baby food when I don't have fresh veggies available. I always put greens and fruit in as well, the baby food just supplements some of the veggies I'm missing (at least in my head).

Sandra gave you excellent resources above! I like this site too as it is a good summary of commonly available fruits and veggies. Aim for those higher in calcium than phosphorus and avoid those high in oxalates or goitrogens.
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