gutloading crickets


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i know there is ALOT of information out there about gutloading crickets but i was wondering what would be the best veggies to use when gutloading. i keep all my crickets in a large container and use a small 10gallon tank to gutload then before i give them to my veiled. what would be the best items the throw in the tank to get the best results for vitamin delivery.
i realize there are many different veggies you can use to gutload, what i was mostly looking for were peoples tactics on which work out the best...
I use alot of dark leafy greens, like endive, escarole, collards, and I use alot of squash, sometimes carrot, but they seem to love the greens quite a bit.
I gutload for a dry recipe powered milk wheatbran baby rice ceral or any baby cereal oatmeal and coconut. You can also add sunflower seeds. Mix in blender. They really love the coconut. One day I mixed some without coconut they did not eat it as well.
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