Gutload - High Protein or Not?


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Lots of questions:
I've read that both crickets and roaches need a high protein diet to survive and avoid cannibalism withing the colony, but I've also read that you shouldn't feed chameleons roaches that have been eating a high protein gutload.

Should you also not feed chameleons crickets that have been eating a high protein gutload?

Has there been any scientific research done, or is this just from various recommendations?

What are the possible symptoms to look out for if the gutload is affecting your chameleon?

What percentage is considered high protein?

Where is a good place to buy a low protein gutload for both crickets and roaches from? has been recommended on the list many times but is no longer in business.

So far I've looked into these sites and what their described as and which feeders their gutload is recommended for. - Mega Nutrient, High Protein - Crickets, Roaches - $5.40 /lb - High Protein - Roaches - $3.50 /lb - High protein - Roaches, Super & Mealworms - $1.00 /lb?? - 20% protein - Crickets, Roaches, Super & Mealworms - $4.00 /lb - high protein & fiber w low fat - $2.00 /lb - Roach Coach - Crickets, Roaches, Super & Mealworms - $5.98 /lb - 24% Crude Protein - Crickets, Roaches - $6.95 /lb - Roach Buffet - High in protein, vitamins - $4.25 /lb

Flukers Cricket Feed - High Calcium - $2.81 /lb

General notes:

heard plain dog, cat, & fish food is bad for any feeder because of it's protein content

in general most fruits and veggies are always good

Fruits and Veggies not to use:
Cucumber - contains a natural insecticide

thanks so much if you can offer any advise...
high protein food is good, separate the feeders you are going to use to feed a day before and then gutload them. if the cham eats feeders that are gutloaded with high protein it can possibly suffer gout i belive.
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