Gus'sBig Boy cage


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I moved Gus to his big boy cage :D


Very nice! Good job. I would grab a couple more vines and weave them, that would be pretty cool I think, give mr. Gus some more options. But its pretty nice the way it is!
In my experience chameleons seem to have a bit of a tough time gripping pvc, especially wet pvc. I would remove it and replace them with wooden dowels.
Those are wooden dowels of varying sizes from home depot, and ya I used thumbtacKs to keep the dowels in place. I'm glad you guys like it :D long... And it's because plastic is porous and even though woos is too out dries much quicker.. Not to mention occur is hallow
I bet Gus is enjoying his big boy cage. It looks good Nate. You can always add more to it as you go along.
If that's PVC I would take it out because they can easily slide off and break something..

A healthy cham can fall a lot farther than the typical cage and not hurt themselves at all. Unless it has active MBD of course. Lots of foliage will give him a lot of structure to break any fall if he does happen to slip.
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