Guin's New Free-Range & New Meller's, Thad


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Ladies first, so we'll start with Guinevere. I spent this past week re-doing her FR with one of my shelving units that I pulled out from storage. She seems pretty pleased, she's gained more room and more wide-open space (she's so big she doesn't like being in thick plants, I think she gets tangled up and they don't hold her up).

If she looks unhappy it's because I'm wearing white and navy stripes and that's the one thing she won't tolerate from me.

Up next is a little guy I picked up locally. Someone here in Miami found me through my blog and asked me if I would take on the Meller's that they had purchased a month ago and no longer wanted. I went to check him out and he looked great, really, with big round eyes, good color, and a strong grip. He must be under a year old, he's not half as big as Guin. So I've had him now for almost 2 weeks and he's doing really well - eating everything, drinking well, and adjusting to life with me. Fingers crossed that he continues to do well in the coming weeks.

Anyone who knows me knows that I don't like giving gender neutral names so I've decided that with these mystery guys I'll just alternate between male and female names with each one until proven otherwise.

So I've settled on Thaddeus for him.

He is across the house from Guin until he finishes his quarantine and I get everything with him checked out.


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Love your set-up. I am hoping when hubby and I buy a house we can set-up a free range in one of the rooms. Really looks beneficial for the chams :)


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You always have beautiful chams and beautiful setups, I swear.

I hope Thad does well. It's nice to see Guin doing better too.


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Thank you everyone!

Thad just tong-fed for the first time, and ate quite a bit. He needs to gain some weight, so I'm glad he's eating well of his own accord. Just need to make sure he's thin because he wasn't eating much, not because he's competing with parasites for the same meal (likely, unfortunately.)


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Guinevere is looking gorgeous as always. What a great looking free range. Your talent shows in everything you do! :)

Congrats on the new guy. Thad is a very handsome little man!


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Great pics and set up Olimpia! Congrats on Thaddeus as well! He looks to be in very good shape.

I sure do miss having a melleri around, they are magnificent chameleons.


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That is a nice little guy you just picked up. Knowing how you love mellers I am happy to see you with a nice healthy pair. Your free range is a awesome.


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Wooooo He looks to be in pretty top notch shape looks a little thin you should get that guy some nice large silks and horns :p Congrats!!! Hope all go's well for you and those beautiful Melleri!!!!


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Thanks everyone!

Thought I'd post some photo updates of Thaddeus. He's been to the vet, gotten a clean bill of health, and is gaining weight normally. He's also mid-shed right now, so he should look shiny and new in no time.

(Tired sexy-leg before bed)



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So I'm really inspired by your free range, but only question is what or where you drain? Does it go in the green bucket or is there plastic below?
Yes, at the time I used to have a "rain dome" type thing that would rain down into the storage tote. Now I have a 40" long by 24" shallow underbed storage container under, which has a valve that drains into a bucket. Not my favorite drainage system but it works for right now, until I move and set up something more permanent.

Can I live in the bottom of the free range??:roll eyes:

Lol Thanks!
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