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For the bugs to have all died as well, without really cold temperatures for some time, it really seems likely they were all exposed to some sort of toxin. They can be much more sensitive than people to chemicals - might be worth checking your car out to make sure it’s not giving off fumes of some kind that could be getting into the interior? If they were like that immediately when you got home that would be a possibility - I assume you didn’t have any symptoms, headaches etc.?
I know everyone and you have said that you’re sure he’s dead but did he somehow wake up (I’m a really hopeful person sorry) Update?


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I do not know if this helps. But once my male got on the cage the babies were in. Most hid but came back out. 2 however stayed completely black and looked dead in the leaf litter for over 24 hours. Pure fear is all it was. I hope this is your case.
It was frightening and interesting observation.
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