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So I picked the name Pearl for my new girl. Lol. She is so defensive its kinda funny. I am holding her on my hand and she is just gaping away. Its so cute.

Honestly though, Pearl has gotten better. She was hissing at me and i stuck a mealworm in her mouth. She ate it and then seemed confused. I did that 3 more times. Feeding her seemed to help. Im sure she was hungry.

I dont think it would hurt to get bit by her. She just seems nervous around human hands.

Any ideas on getting her more comfortable with being held?
What plants are safe for chams to be around? I want a spider plant to put in the cage.
Hi, and welcome to the forums! There is some great advice for live plants in the enclosures section. Although spider plants look great, you may want to use something a bit more sturdy that your girl can climb and sleep on. I'm using golden pothos at the top of my enclosure, and my veiled does seem to enjoy an occasional nibble of it!

Other popular plants for chams are hibiscus and shefflera and both offer some climbing branches for your cham. :)
Thanks guys for the great advise. I have been working with Pearl a lot lately. She is doing much better. I can pick her up without much of a fight. She will hiss and try to bite, but calms right down. I think hand feeding her has helped a lot too. She got some mealworms and a piece of lettuce yesterday. I didnt think she would actually eat lettuce, but she did.
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