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Hello there!

Once again, I am and new and have a few questions.

My Chameleon NEVER lets me take him out. I pet him sometimes, but even then he gets a bit irritated and flares.

He is about 2 years old, or 3 I think, and he gets this really beautiful deep sapphire colour (Ambanja) when he's out of his cage. I would love to photograph him like that but he never lets me take him out!

Is this alright and is there any way I could possibly train him to come to like me?


ya from what i've heard that is noramal for males to get aggressive as they get older. mine is 9 mo old and started hissing at me around 7 mo. i've been trying to force him onto a stick but nothing is working any tips would be grateful.
chameleons are not like dogs or cats, they dont really like to be pet or held. if this is a new chameleon and you have him in a new environment, he will be afraid of you due to the fact that you are new to him as he is new to you. you should give him at least a week or 2 to get used to his new home and then he might let you take him out but again chameleons dont really like to be held. they are a pet you watch and admire. so hold him as less as possible and dont take him out to often from his cage. hope this is some help to you, and good luck with your new chameleon!
While you can't train him to like you really, you can train him to make him trust you. You need to assure him that you are not a threat by spending time with him in non threatning or imposing ways. Keep him above your head, when sitting and reading a book, do so infront of the cage below his height. Etc. You know what I'm getting at.
I find it helps to have a chair, a whip, and a top hat for the process of getting Manga doesn't actually help to get my chameleon out, but it helps make me look stylin'. (Don't worry, there are no pictures:eek: )

I very rarely get him out at all. I do find that by not messing with him, he does come toward me and doesn't shy away when I'm feeding him. He does recognize me, because he will not repeat this with anyone else on my staff.

Good luck.

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