Growth charts?


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In the current issue of Chameleons! Online, Franco Gagliardi wrote a great article about the Growth of Parson’s Chameleons, and he included some interesting charts tracking the weight of his chameleons over their lifespan.

I was wondering whether anyone else had similar charts? In particular I'd be interested in Veiled chameleons' growth, since I'd love to be able to use them as a reference to compare my own cham's growth against.

I know that chameleons don't all grow at exactly the same rate, but it would still be re-assuring to know that my cham is in the 'ballpark' for growth rate. I also want to ensure that he doesn't grow too fast.

Even if you don't have detailed charts like Franco kept, I'd still like to know some 'milestone' weights for Veiled chams at various ages.

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