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When I get my new baby boy, around what age would I normally need to move him to a bigger cage?

I'm building my own cage and I made it to where it will essentially grow with him. The full size is 24x24x48. The inside includes a raised panel to make it a smaller cage when he's little, but as he grows I can lower the platform gradually that way he doesn't have to deal with the shock of going from a tiny cage to a HUGE cage.

He should be about 3 months when I get him. I was thinking to start him out, I'd raise it up to give him about 20-30 inches. Thoughts and opinions? At what rate should I lower it? 6 inches a month or so?

I'd include pictures of the cage, but it's still under construction and not much to look at right now. At the moment it basically looks like the 24x24x48 screen cage from LLLReptile but without the doors. Still deciding if I want one big door or to do the big panel and the small panel. Does it really make that much of a difference when cleaning?

The doors will also be removable to be free range convertible once the platform is completely lowered.

Also, another questions, any recommendations on thermometers and hygrometers? Digital or simple? Or does it not really matter what I use?
When you first get him give him 24 inches in height so he can find food easily. Keep him in what will be 24x24x24 at first and keep him in that for at least 3 months. you will know when to lower it because they grow fast. At 6 months old you could lower another 12 inches then at 9 months let him have the full size.

I have a glass vivarium which has two doors very easy to clean.

I now use digital Thermometer and hygrometer from exo terra I believe they give a better reading.

And good luck and enjoy :)
I think it is on an individual basis how they grow and you will know when he is ready for the bigger cage.
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