Growlight in a pygmy cage?


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Eh so i was wandering if it would be ok if i were to put a growlight in my pygmy cage or if it would put any thing harmful off to the pygmys? also was wandering if I should go with a reptiglo or reptisun for the main light? Is the reptisun that much better that it cost twice as much?
Not sure what you mean by growlight? Check out the 'Cham news site'. They have a great 'how to' for pygmys done by Roo... Speaking of... Where is Roo; aint seen him on for a while. Anyhoo; im at work so dont have the link to it... Im sure Brad or somebody else can post it for you.
A.K.A UVA/UVB light.........I do have it with my Pygmies set up! But some people don't have it on. All they have is a normal fluoresence bulb on it.

Here is a picture of my setup.


Hope this helps.

Roo is the person to talk to ...he had more experience in rasing Pygmies than all of us combine (i think)
like your setup is that the 18x18x24 if so it is the same a the one i have. the light i was refering to is a uva/uvb light it is for plants though so i didnt know if the uva/uvb would be to high for the pygmys and not sure is they put off any uvc.
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It is often recommended to use your old 5.0 UVB lights for the pygmy tank.
They don't need such intense UVB after 6 months, don't throw it away...use it for the pygmy colony.

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