Grow Light For Plants is stressing Cham out


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So I recently got a grow light for the plants in Rangos Enclosure it is a 24w LED light (someone recommended it to me on here) so I purchased it and it works great plants are thriving but I've noticed that Rango has been showing dark colors and has been stressed so I just turned the light off and the colors go away and he's back to moving around. I've been improving my Cham's husbandry greatly and just got a new UV light because the double dome is bad and it is coming in tomorrow, so what do you suggest I do, should I turn off the grow light and leave it off or just let him adjust to it.


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here he is and here is my setup


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I can't say from here but your UVB light is set rather high for a 6% or 5.0. Unless you have a stronger bulb I would put it on the top of the screen cage. If you have a stronger bulb like a 12% you can wrap it in screen to reduce it's output.
You will have to set your basking bulb height according to the temperatures you are getting just above your highest branch or if he's roof climber at the top.
Some times they turn dark to better absorb heat or light. It will usually just be the side closest to the light and the other may be normal color. As mentioned above.
I haven't tried LED lights as grow lights yet so I can't speak to their effects, others may be able to confirm or dismiss your concerns. I use 50 watt incandescent bulbs to provide heat and plant light and/or a dual t5 where one side is a 6500K florescent.
If you want to fill out the how to ask for help form. I would be happy to look it over for you and see if I spot anything else.
Your cage looks lovely it should be making him happy.


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Yep he definitely looks like he is trying to worm up not only because of his colors but the fact he’s at the highest point of the cage too.
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