Gringo is black :(


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Hi there,

I'm new to the reptile world and the forum and need some advice!

Gringo is a male veiled chameleon about 10 months old. I've recently moved him to a new vivarium as the old one was a mesh cage and just a bit flimsy.

The new one is a 3ft by 4ft wooden cage with glass doors and a strip of mesh on the back. He has loads of vines, a 14 watt heatmat on one side and a 5.0 uvb light at the top.

I've been feeding him 4-6 crickets a day but today I bought him wax worms which he chowed down instantly. He also eats greenbeans and banana with the skin. I'm using a "reptivite" supplement with D3.

I did have a 100watt heat bulb but it cracked and in currently awaiting a new one. Meanwhile. I'm using an external heater outside his cage at a gentle heat.

I'm also misting him three times a day with a spray bottle, although I don't feel like the water sticks to the vines for very long as they are made of plastic and silk.

Since we bought him (which was about 3 weeks ago) he's always had a few black streaks on his head, but today his head went REALLY black. Like jet black, and he's been puffing up a lot.

I'm really worried something is wrong. When he gets too hot and starts panting I turn the heater off and mist him and his cage to cool him down, but he's staying black.

He only moved into his new vivarium yesterday, could it be the change in the environment?

He also usually loved coming out and exploring, but today he just keeps crawling back to the vivarium.

If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear for you!


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A veiled cham that shows black colors is either cold (not likely given your heating), or reacting to something threatening. His whole world changed with the new cage, but I also wonder if he's seeing a reflection in the glass. Some chams are pretty reactive to reflections of themselves. The angle of the cage lighting may produce a reflection and he's constantly threatening it.


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Ah I didn't think about the glass thing! That might be it.
And the change in environment.

His tongue is also black. It that bad?

Here's a picture of Gringo


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Phew! That's good to hear.

And it's ok if his tongue is black as well? It was green/pink a few days ago.

I'm a chameleon hypochondriac!
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