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I'm thinking of building a greenhouse for raising chams but my main? is does uvb get through the polycarbonate to the chams?? I'm going to use triple wall polycarbonate so my heating cost will be less during the winter and during the summer the side panels will fold down for direct light.anyone have some input on this??thanks mike
I beleive Polycarbonate is actually desined to be UV resistant, so I would think not.

Also, you question is one that many ask a certain chameleon company that uses greenhouses, (im sure many know to which I refer- wait, just gave it away...) but there never seems to come an answer. Ah well, secretes of the trade I suppose.
Traditional single, double, and triple wall poly panels do not allow the transfer of UV light into the enclosure, as Will pointed to they are designed to reflect it, to stop their own decay. There are speciality products, both panels and 6-mm poly sheet that do allow for the transmission on UVB and UVA. You are opening up more of a discussion than my keyboard could handle but if you ICQ me or hit the chamforum chat I have done a good deal of research into this and will be building mine in the spring if all goes as planned.
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